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The History of Massager

8 月 02, 2022

Modern massage equipment originated in the 1960s, and the industry has developed for decades. The overview of each development stage is as follows:

In the 1960s, modern massage equipment originated in Japan, and the first fully automatic massage chair was developed by a Japanese company. Limited by the technical level at that time, various types of massage appliances in the early stage had single functions, bulky size and poor user experience, so the market development was relatively slow. In the 1980s, thanks to the advancement of new materials and electronic technology, massage equipment manufacturers realized the miniaturization and precise control of massage equipment, which greatly improved the user experience of massage equipment, which promoted the acceptance of massage equipment by the majority of household users. . As traditional home appliance giants such as Panasonic set foot in the massage appliance industry, the industry has shown a development trend of increasing manufacturers, enriching product types and functions, and improving massage performance. At the same time, Japanese manufacturers began to promote modern massage equipment to other surrounding areas such as East Asia and Southeast Asia.

In the 1990s, the variety and functions of massage appliances on the market continued to be enriched, the experience continued to improve, and the pace of entering the home accelerated. In particular, the variety of portable massage equipment is further enriched, and the market segments such as eye, neck and head are gradually formed. It is mainly aimed at the fatigue and discomfort of eyes, neck and shoulders, and head that commonly occur in modern people. After using such products, users can Relieve physical discomfort in a timely manner.

After long-term market cultivation, massage appliances have moved from East and Southeast Asian markets to European and American markets, and rapidly expanded their market scale under the background of global integration. During this period, the manufacture of massage equipment was mainly concentrated in Japan, Taiwan and other regions.

After entering the 21st century, in the field of massage appliance consumption, four major consumption areas have been formed in North America, Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia, and the global market scale has continued to expand. Due to the long-term stable and rapid growth of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of residents’ income level and healthy consumption awareness, China has become one of the fastest growing regions in the world in terms of consumer demand for massage appliances. In the field of massage appliance production, as China successfully joined the World Trade Organization, actively participated in the international division of labor and became the world’s manufacturing center, the global related industrial chain began to shift to mainland China. At present, the original massage equipment-related industries in Taiwan have basically completed the transfer, and Japanese manufacturers have also gradually withdrawn from the small massage equipment and medium-to-low-end large-scale massage equipment markets, and only the production and R&D reserved are concentrated in large-scale massage equipment such as mid-to-high-end massage chairs.

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